services offered

Soozan Baxter Consulting is based in Manhattan and provides comprehensive leasing services to landlords. Soozan Baxter’s specialties include deal making with luxury and contemporary brands, developing ground-up mixed use (hotel, retail, and office) complexes, and redeveloping existing assets. She can work on any aspect of a project, and no assignment is too big or too small.

pre-leasing services

Conducts project feasibility studies on new development, up-scaling a tenant mix, and vacancy strategies, among other topics

Builds project pro formas based on market rent, tenants’ performances, industry trends, and other criteria

Writes marketing materials used to attract tenants

Plans tenant-oriented events to spearhead leasing efforts

Sets forth leasing goals with date-specific milestones

Provides input on the architectural process including layout, signage, way-finding, and the Work Letter

Merchandises the leasing plan

Works hand-in-hand with project investors, investment banks, and other third-party groups on budgets, overall project pro formas, and other needs set forth during the pre-development process

on-going project services

Becomes an integrated team member of a leasing organization or deals directly with a key contact in a leasing organization, depending on the client’s preference

Delivers weekly leasing status reports to client

Networks with the tenant community on behalf of the client

Works closely with the budget to ensure that deals are meeting the pro forma

Negotiates Letters of Intent on behalf of and with the input from the client

Works closely with the client’s attorneys when drafting contracts and leases

Works hand-in-hand with lenders on obtaining a construction loan

Facilitates conversations between a new tenant and the client’s marketing group to ensure a successful store within the project

Strategizes on the public relations outreach and write press releases

other services

Advises financial firms and institutional investors on a select project-by-project basis on macro shopping center and market trends

Speaks at invitation-only events on issues relevant to the business

Provides overall strategic planning and execution of all aspects of a project — financing, leasing, marketing, public relations, and operations.

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