Creativity, Passion, Insight.


In retail and hospitality, immediate goals often overshadow real opportunity. Soozan Baxter Consulting is rooted in fostering lasting connections between landlords and tenants, and creating visionary destinations that stand the test of time.

Soozan integrates seamlessly with client teams, becomes a driving force behind the strategy, and shepherds the process. In tandem with her client’s vision, she sets the project’s overarching goals that align with tenants’ expectations and culminate in outstanding retail experiences for the key stakeholders: the guests of the shopping venue, the landlord, and the brands.

With creativity, passion and strategic insight, Soozan delivers.

About Soozan Baxter

With years of experience, Soozan brings deep relationships with global luxury brands and emerging retailers, and pairs it with strong strategic insight and an ability to execute a vision.


Soozan has played an integral role for more than three years in the $100 million+ redevelopment of Scottsdale Fashion Square, where she is focused on bringing new luxury brands to the landmark venue and serving as a brand ambassador for the project in Manhattan. Soozan has been part of the Market Street Woodlands team for more than seven years, putting this North Houston, open air center in a rare league with its mix of traditional brands such as Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch and emerging names such as Warby Parker and Bonobos — a combination found in very few national projects. Additionally, she is an advisor to the Fifth Avenue Association, the business improvement district dedicated to preserving the iconic status of the retail, dining, and experiences on this storied avenue.


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